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Trendy Scandinavian Style for Kids

The most fun thing to do even before having your baby is to buy clothes and accessories for the child. It is fun to choose different vibrant colors for your baby to wear. Scandinavian design is becoming one of the popular trends even with kids. Aside from clothes, you can design and even accessorize the nursery room with Scandinavian inspired decors. The designs from this region are usually characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. It first emerged in the Nordic countries that include Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark.

Depositphotos_102868488_s-2015To create you kid’s room using Scandinavian design; you have to take notice of the important elements that is characterized of this kind of design. One of the key elements is color. The color to choose to achieve a Scandinavian look varies a lot. You can opt for neutral shades of gray and blue or choose more colourful materials from vintage 60s Marimekko cloth or textiles.

Although very different from each other, both show Scandinavian style. In terms of materials, you can use wood for your interiors to add warmth to your kid’s room. It will not be a complete Scandinavian design if there is no functionality. A true Scandinavian interior must be functional and liveable.

For furniture, lighting, and textile, opt for simple designs that you will definitely use in everyday life. You can add some Kids Interior items such as a cute pillow, nice quilt, or some wooden toys to add accent to the room. The Scandinavian neutral and light colors that will be suitable for a kid’s room are blush, light pink, mint, nude or mobile gray.

When it comes to Scandinavian kids’ style of clothes, the same applies. The design should be simple, minimalist, yet adorable to look at. For young girls, you can buy a charcoal grey cardigan for colder nights. A nice rose blouse will also suit your lovely princess during a day out.

Make sure to buy different types of clothes that vary in material for all seasons of the year. The functionality of each piece of clothing is very important for Scandinavians. Even for young boys, you can opt for shades of gray and light blue. Buying good material of clothes is a must because you want your kid to feel comfortable all the time. Sometimes wrong material of clothing can cause irritation and result to bad mood.

Picking the design of the room and clothing of your kid is a fun way to show how much you love them. One unique style you might want to consider is Scandinavian Design. It offers simple, minimalist, yet functional design not only for adults but even for kids as well.