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What’s the Latest in Professional Skin Treatments in Australia

The skin has its natural way to exfoliate by emptying its content on the surface through the pores, and that eating the right food, keeping it clean and exercising helps it maintain its natural glow. However, there are also factors that destroy the skin’s natural polish and healthy look such as building-up of dead skin cells, clogged pores, unwanted hair growth and deep and ugly scars. Professional skin treatments such as facial, chemical peels, unwanted hair removal, tattoo removal and microdermabrasion treatments help bring back the skin’s natural glow, texture and healthy look. With growing concerns in keeping the skin healthy and beautiful, everybody is on the lookout to what’s the latest to professional skin treatments. This 2016, here what’s new to try.


The taghair_removal2 suggests its simple description, which means using different multiple masks simultaneously. Its beauty goal is to give instant solutions to different skin areas on face and neck such as the t-zone, neck and lips, forehead and cheeks. Facial masking like laser tattoo removal is gathering huge attention from beauty and skin treatment consumers for its fast and effective results. While some professional spa clinics are already doing facial masking, multi-masking skin treatment is the newest to try in addressing skin facial concerns. Skin treatment Top Ryde and other local spas in your area are now educating clients, that one mask might not be suitable for the entire face and that multi-masking is the latest solution to try on.

Dry salt skin massage

Does your spa clinic have a salt room? Salt skin massage usually uses Himalayan salt, which has therapeutic benefits such as leaving skin feeling refreshed and glowing, and detoxify the entire body.

New generation laser system

If your skin clinic is still using the old generation laser for laser hair removal, it’s time to drop it because Diolaze laser and Cool Glide are the newest generation laser system to remove unwanted hairs with lasting results in hair reduction. Diolaze laser has larger spot size and simultaneous pre and post cooling hand piece, which results to minimized discomfort while Cool Glide treats light and dark skin and it can be used on all parts of the body.

At-home whitening with pen-brush applicator                          

At- home whitening products are the latest in teeth whitening and the latest is teeth whitening kit that uses pen-brush applicator, which mimics the in-office professional level whitening. The catch is buying the product from dental clinic for the proper technique.

Picosecond laser

A tattoo isn’t permanent anymore with picosecond laser for tattoo removal. It cuts half of the treatment time and removes ink colors.

With these latest technologies in skin treatments, bear in mind, the professional is always the best choice.