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Plan the Details Early: Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

It takes a lot to plan a wedding. There’s the dress, venue, food, photos, flowers and wedding films and other details that go into a wedding ceremony and reception. On the average, a wedding can take an entire year to plan given all the many details that must be taken care of.

wedding_videos2Some couples hire a wedding planner or events coordinator to help with the preparations. They are the ones who call suppliers for the pictures, wedding films, souvenirs, caterers and flowers. Some of them even set up the band and take care of the seating arrangements during the reception. The downside is that wedding planners can be expensive, and if you’d rather do it yourself, you would need a checklist and lots of time to plan everything.

First off, the venue. If you’re getting married during busy season, expect the hotels and banquet halls to be booked full. Remember that weddings aren’t the only events they cater to – hotels also book birthdays, corporate events, and press launches. Be sure of the date you want and how large a venue you will need. Some of these places require a 50 percent deposit, so be very sure of the date you book.

Next, get the dress and suit out of the way. Look at initial designs you want and get an initial fitting. Bespoke suits can take time to sew and so do wedding dresses. After these, you can look for a wedding band or singers and find a reputable team to take care of your photos and wedding films. These two types of vendors need to be screened because it is important to work with a team that you’re comfortable with. For the band, you’ll need to check out videos of them playing or go to a gig where they are featured.

When it comes to wedding cinematography, you can check out websites and YouTube videos uploaded by other couples. Browsing the internet and looking at social media is one of the best ways to look at wedding photos and videos. These are shared by the couple, their family, and wedding guests. From there, you can leave a message at the company’s site, or send a message.

Most of these videographers are booked early too that’s why it’s imperative to already have a date and venue before you inquire. Once you have agreed to hire them for the wedding films, you will be given a contract to sign detailing the inclusions of the wedding package you’ll be getting.

Preparing early allows you to cross out certain items from your list months ahead of the wedding.