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Make your Wedding Photo Booth Look Amazing

A wedding is a milestone in a person’s life. There is no better way to document the significance of that day than through pictures. That is why hiring photo booth Wollongong is one of the more important booking appointments you should not take easy. You sure would want your guests to have a vivid memory of that happy day as much as you do.


Contrary to the common impression, a nice photo booth Wollongong service does not have to be extremely expensive. There are lots of affordable providers out there who serve the purpose all right. On the other hand, getting a cheap photo booth service for your wedding should not make you compromise the quality of snaps and memories taken. How can you manage a balancing act? Take a hand. Photo booth Southern Highlands would sure welcome your idea even if it means price adjustments. What are we talking about exactly? Read on.

Design the background yourself                       

Are you tired of the usual background and want something out-of-the-box? Photo booth Wollongong would have a template ready to reduce the amount of effort they would pour into every client, giving them the advantage of greater returns. If you want a customized idea for a background, you will have to pay more.

But, why pay more if you can decorate it yourself? You do not have to be the executioner of the idea because someone would really have to do it as you have your hands full for the big day. You just have to draft the background design, gather the materials, and find someone you can trust to make it happen.

This would not need to mean extra costs because you can use things that are readily available like your favourite couch, a cute framed quote hanging in your bedroom wall, and a DIY garland made of fresh flowers. If you have enough time, you may also carve an oversized frame or a three-fold booth area out of fresh plywood, which you could design anyway you want it.

Give your photo booth double purpose by utilising them as favours

Your guests would love to take home their candid snaps. What if you turn them into something more than just a piece of photo? You can find companies that could easily turn photos into souvenirs like ref magnets and do so quickly so your guests will be able to take them home with them. That way, your photo booth rental would not only cover the photo booth requirement of your wedding but also the souvenir part.