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How Perfect Wedding Video is Achieved?

If your wedding video is beautiful and perfect, it is done by professional videographers. A perfect wedding video is nothing of blurred, unwanted and awkward scenes. A Sydney wedding filmmaker makes the perfect wedding video by doing the following:

Capturing wedding images


When capturing images, wedding videographers make a list of what scenes to be shot and base it from a story of love. As a Sydney wedding filmmaker is retelling a story, he is capturing scenes that tell exactly about the story. He uses two cameras and with a backup for emergency. He uses right lighting gears and tools and practices shooting techniques that enhance his angling in capturing difficult to shot scenes. He practices good working habits and keeps his bride and groom or subjects at ease in front of camera and takes natural shots as much as he can. If he’s showing footages at the reception, he chooses his images and ensures everybody is enjoying and loving all the moment shots.


Editing is a crucial part of a perfect wedding video. The result of editing is what cinematographers determine as their work. In editing, two versions are worked on. These are the full-length film for the couple to enjoy and the one to be shown online. Wedding video is made not only from capturing wedding images but as well as editing them where techniques are applied. One example is using slider that is for panning off or in moving shots together. A Sydney wedding filmmaker oftentimes uses Stealth slider to achieve this technique. For scenes that seem not to look right, effects are added. To keep the scenes transition smoothly, light leak is used. Editors also use the standard cuts alternatively such as cross cuts, hard cuts, l-cuts, and J-cuts. A wedding video to be perfect is ordering the clips as the story is being told. Music is chosen for every couple and the right one is used for the right couple. The standard is two songs, and usually one for the ceremony and one for the reception. A perfect editing is less than ten minutes perfect wedding video.

A wedding video is something that couples have to enjoy long after the ceremony is over. It is the direct testimony of what had transpired during the wedding. If the wedding is made beautiful, as it had happened, wedding videography is at its finest. And, a perfect wedding without a perfect wedding video is but an empty memory.