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Facts You Need to Know Before Undergoing Laser Skin Therapy in Sydney

Laser skin therapy aims at making skin looks beautiful, radiant and gets rid of skin conditions that makes it ugly. Skin rejuvenation is one therapy that falls under laser skin therapy. Here are some facts you need to know about laser skin therapy if you are worrying over some skin conditions.

What is laser skin therapy?

skin_therapy2Laser skin therapy like skin rejuvenation uses laser or intense beam of light energy directed at skin. The laser destroys the epidermis or outer skin layers and heats the dermis or the underlying layer of the skin. The laser caused the collagen fibers to shrink and it allows new skin to form. There are two types of laser skin therapy: ablative and non-ablative. Both are done at skin clinics or at doctor’s office. All laser skin therapy results to smoother, flawless, and tighter skin.

Preparation before a laser skin therapy

Patients before undergoing a laser skin therapy like skin rejuvenation has to be prepared by the doctor doing the procedure. All medical history are reviewed and checked if there are conditions in the past and present that may hamper results. The doctor has to give the patient a physical examination like inspecting the skin area where laser has to be applied. The tone and thickness of the skin is also checked, as these are important factors in the type of laser to be used or if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. The doctor will also prescribe medication if there is infection and will advise patients to avoid certain things like exposure to sun, using lotion and sun tanning.

Side effects

Although most laser skin therapy is safe, side effects may happen. Among the common are swelling and redness. Itching is reported in some cases as mild side effect. Redness and swelling is common in acne scars removal. In some cases, the skin turns darker than the original color weeks after the procedure. In most cases, side effects get away after a few weeks and may not need any treatment. However, side effects that aggravate are treated with medications. Scarring is also a common side effect but isn’t permanent and it heals weeks after the treatment.

Uses of laser skin therapy

Laser therapy is best to treat and remove wrinkles. Wrinkles treatments using laser is best in getting rid of age spots or solar lentigines. It’s also a recommended treatment for uneven skin tone or texture. Acne scars are best removed and with permanent results with laser skin therapy. If you have sun-damaged skin, laser is good.

Laser skin therapy is among the safest skin treatments and the good news is the procedure is available in many Sydney skin clinics and spas.