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Coffee Scrub – You’ll Love Your Coffee More

Did you know that coffee isn’t only great to boost you up in the morning? Yes, it’s true, this black bean is now being used to give skin a supple and healthy glow. The treatment is known as coffee bean scrub where the beans are used as face moisturizer and as treatment to skin problems such as stretch marks, cellulite, psoriasis, and eczema.

Why coffee?


Coffee bean has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties that is good for skin. When combined with other natural ingredients like salts, sugar and oil, and scrubbed on the skin as face moisturizer, it can leave the skin nourished and moisturized more than just cleaned.

How is it done?

Coffee home scrub

Coffee scrub can be done at home with a simple scrub recipe using coffee beans. A coffee face mask recipe uses freshly ground coffee, cocoa powder, heavy cream or yogurt and honey. These ingredients are mixed together and a light coat is applied on the face and sits for about a few minutes. It is rinsed with warn wash cloth.

Coffee salon scrub

In Australia, body and face scrub using coffee is a popular salon treatment to give skin supple and soft feeling. The primary aim is to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Salons usually use special scrub recipe using coffee mixed with massage and aromatic essential oils. Depending on the salon’s scrub recipes, the procedure is usually done in a wet room or a special wet table with Vichy shower for rinsing off. The scrub is rubbed on the back, arms, and legs back and on feet. Some salons without a shower used steamed towels to remove the coffee exfoliants. Therapists or estheticians do the scrubbing on the body from top to toe.

Australian salons differ with the type of coffee used in their coffee face and body scrub. Some salon use brewed coffee while some have the ground coffee on their scrub recipe as face moisturizer. They also differ with coffee variety as some use the Arabica beans and some use the Robusta variety. Some claims more benefits using the Robusta variety however, both varieties bring same supple and soft skin feeling.


Coffee as a body scrub is found to be effective in diminishing the look of cellulites.  When combined with coconut oil, it is effective in moisturizing the skin. Coffee body scrub also gets rid of unwanted oil on skin and coffee’s rough texture slough dead skin, leaving it smooth. Another added benefit is; it gives extra shine to dull and dry hair.

And, with these benefits, you’ll love your coffee more.