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What your Clothes Tell People about You

People dress up because it is insane to don nothing at all. But, as the fashion market became even more aggressive (and yes, progressive), a lot of things are being said about clothes. Through the insights that we impart in this blog, you can easily grasp the things that matter about wearing.

What your clothes say about you

It’s inevitable. People will see you and most fashion watchers would have a say on what you wear whether you like it or not. You might not be dressing up for them but as you step out into the world, they will have the liberty to talk about you and what you are wearing. It is not surprising because everyone who has interest in fashion feel it is but right that they say something about what they see.2015 fur coats jackets fashion trends womens designer luxury furs expensive jackets 2015 fashion trends online shop vogue fur

So, how do you make yourself pleasant to their eyes? Nothing, really! Whatever you wear, expect to get both positive and negative remarks for it. It would definitely take a lot of confidence for you to not care at all.

Professional reviews

In this blog, we ourselves offer our fair share of praises and criticisms for the dresses worn, mostly by celebrities. As fashion experts, it is part of our job. But, we promise you that everything that needs to be said about a style will be let out. We do not take anything personal. If there is something crazy about the dress, we tell it straight. Just like every other fashion review specialist, we take into consideration several things:

  •  The cut
  •  The color scheme
  •  The fabric
  •  The overall design
  •  How the dress is carried out

We will post a look, talk about it, and in the process, will give you an insight on the look and how you can use it to your dressing advantage. We are sure you will enjoy leafing through the pages of our blog as it features pages and pages of clothes, good and bad alike, and what experts like us can say about them.

Welcome to our fashion world! Welcome to a world of crazy cuts and bright colors. Welcome to a world of good and bad dressers. Welcome to a way of life towards refinery and even some fab fashion contests. We will showcase them all here. We will give you enough reasons to dress well and dress ahead of others. Forget about the fads, we have all the latest showcased here!

Oh, and for those who are not fashion conscious, we also have something for you.