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Cinematic Wedding Production – Feel the Love and Treasure Memories Forever

Traditional wedding videographers simply shoot wedding footages, collect and transfer all into a DVD with little or no post production. However, wedding films in Sydney doing cinematic production do it differently. From the start, capturing wedding moments is done with a script and various cinematic techniques and creative story telling are applied.

Story telling

depositphotos_107661222_s-2015Wedding films in Sydney start a cinematic production from a love story that has endured difficulties and that has stand against age, time and all barriers and then weaved through emotionally charged images to convey a story of love and bring about unforgettable viewing experience. Every detail and scenes are filled with depth and meaning and translate the magic called love. It is through this love script, unique characters of the couple is revealed and reflected in the entire wedding videos.

Angling, lighting, and other creative techniques

Cinematic wedding goes beyond traditional wedding videography. Wedding films in Sydney apply various angling and lighting techniques notwithstanding doing experiments in getting captured images as emotive and engaging and into telling a poignant love story. Images aren’t captured just using ordinary cameras and tripods but steady cams and glide tracks that are just real cinema equipments. Results are images that are captured through high-end creative shots.

Sounds and audio

Wedding cinematography in Sydney takes sound and audio seriously because both made up half of the wedding film and of the viewing experience. Cinematic wedding production is prepared and ready with all ort of external audio recorders and lapel microphones to ensure the best quality sound recording and at the same time applying different sound engineering techniques to eliminate noise and unnecessary audio.

Post production/editing

It is not impossible for footages even shot using the best camera come up poorly due to lighting issues and poor color balance. It is resolved in the post production in which all the magic takes place such as adding one or two creative editing techniques to make the film look beautiful and add emotions and depth in some scenes. Editing takes place such as selections of images based on the prepared script, balancing of recorded sounds, music for backgrounds, technical effects like slow motions, transition, etc.


Delivering end products means delivering the best wedding videos. Great Blue Ray/ DVD covers, menu, and labels are creatively and artistically designed or personalized to match couples’ styles and tastes.

How it’s done differently; cinematic wedding production is all you need to feel the love and treasure your wedding memories forever.