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About Us

Welcome to our Fashion World

The fashion arena is an ever-changing, brightly-colored world. Every change of season sashays a different trend in clothing that the dress-crazy population needs to know. That’s the need we want to fulfill. We want to give fashion-savvy individuals a portal that will take them to the latest trends, open their eyes on what’s in and hot, all the while, giving them a nice direction of dressing up nicely but comfortably as well. We cover not just fashion trends but also all the nitty-gritty details that make it a hot topic for a lot of women and even some men.embedded-floral-prints-spring-trend-london-fashion-week

This fashion blog is a product of three friends’ obsession with fashion. Mia, Gail, and Lui grew up trying on full-grown adult’s dresses. When they became adults themselves, they decided to create a name not just following trends but also creating them. They have a thing for nice cuts, attention-grabbing accessories, and ultra-hip shoes. That makes them on top of their game in the fashion market.

But, the three’s obsession with fashion did not end there. They thought it’s nice to have an avenue where they could share their experiences. They never had shortage of something to talk about when fashion is involved anyway. That’s how this blog was created.

Level up your fashion sense with us

There is a lot of promise for perusing this blog. Through the insights of our fashion experts cum bloggers, you will be able to grasp not just what the latest fashion trend is but also how you can actually adapt it, sometimes without even spending. Aside from fashion trends, we also chase after runway features, street-smart styles, and everything that has something to do with clothing, with shoes and accessories, and with the wearables.

At some point, we will also lend insights on how you can make fashion work for you, even when you are not within the ideal size range. We are the fashion gurus of not just the sexy and slim but also of those women who got edges rather than curves.

You will surely have fun on our regular clever play on dressing up. We also keep a close watch on what the celebs are wearing and see how they speak of their personalities, current state of heart, and everything that their clothes say about them.

Hold on to us for anything and everything about fashion. We promise to serve you something fresh and exciting every single time. And they will come mostly as a surprise!